Like the South Milwaukee Police Department’s New Facebook Page


Open communication with our residents, business owners and others is incredibly important in city government. Knowledge is power.

That is why I’m happy to announce the South Milwaukee Police Department has launched a new Facebook page. Please like it here.

Thank you to Chief Jessup for making this a priority, and to all of the officers who will work to make sure it becomes a relevant source of information going forward, on everything from crime updates to safety tips to information on programming to telling the positive stories of the first-class people of our department, and more.

For example, early posts have been around seeking the public’s help in identifying an armed robbery suspect, seatbelt enforcement, school safety, finding a lost dog, and sharing the “alter ego” our IT records clerk.

Expect more of the same going forward.

We need the public to be partners in policing in South Milwaukee, and we are happy to do our part in enhancing our communication platforms.

Please share the page on your social networks, and join the conversation!

And if you haven’t yet liked the South Milwaukee Fire Department Facebook page, please do (almost 4,000 people already have). I consider it best in class.

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