County Board Approves Funding for Oak Creek Parkway Reconstruction

Great news today from Milwaukee County Supervisor David Sartori …

MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee County Board adopted (12-4) Supervisor David Sartori’s resolution to direct just over $1 million to reconstruct the Oak Creek Parkway today, which means the project could get underway by early this summer.

“I thank my colleagues for supporting my efforts to repair the Oak Creek Parkway, which has been rated as one of the worst roads in Milwaukee County, and is a threat to public safety. The state of the parkway is so bad that it has to be shut down every time it rains. Some have argued that the only way to fix our roads is to raise the wheel tax, but I’ve shown that with creative problem solving and by working together, we can find other solutions. When I was elected I promised my constituents that I would fight for their interests as a county supervisor, and I’m proud that I was able to deliver on that promise,” said Sartori.

Preliminary planning for the repairs were completed in 2017, but funds for completing the project were not included in the 2018 County Budget.

Supervisor Sartori proposed transferring $1,074,992 from the debt service reserve fund to pay for the roadwork, an unusual but not unprecedented maneuver.

The 40-year old section of the parkway to be rebuilt is just over half a mile long and stretches from the railroad tracks east of Rawson Park to Chicago avenue in South Milwaukee.

Due to significant deterioration such as numerous potholes, cracks, and heaving, the Department of Administrative Services recommended immediate renovation in 2014.

The work will include putting down 4 inches of asphalt pavement on 8 inches of stone base, pouring concrete curbs and gutters, drainage and storm sewers, and other potential utility replacement under new pavement.  Storm water best management practices, green infrastructure, natural areas restoration and management shall be incorporated where applicable. 

Here is the actual press release.

I want to thank Supervisor Sartori for his leadership and advocacy on this issue, getting this measure passed at his last board meeting. Thank all of the supervisors, too — especially Supervisor Jason Haas, chairman of the Parks, Energy and Environment Committee — who supported and pushed for today’s outcome.

I also thank the Parks Department and administration, for their quick work in addressing the recent emergency patching, and for all of the planning, design, engineering and advocacy work that has gone into this project already. It’s close to shovel-ready … with those shovels now being able to move dirt with funding identified.

And, finally, thank you to all of the local residents who spoke up in support of the reconstruction. Your voices were heard. You made a real difference.

Now, let’s get this road fixed … finally!

I’ll keep you posted on a reconstruction timeline.


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5 responses to “County Board Approves Funding for Oak Creek Parkway Reconstruction

  1. Joe popp

    About time

  2. Charlene Rossi

    And how may I ask your input was involved in this decision for a thank you.

  3. Tim Gierke

    Dose the planned proposal include any of the fowling items? This is one of South Milwaukee’s main thoroughfares. To a “Community Campus” One could even argue that it receives more traffic than 3 blocks of our down town.

    1. Having the school board replace the trees that have died and been cut down on the property they are responsible for maintaining. We have lost 8 or so trees along with all the arborvitaes that had been placed along the garbage dumpster corral. All I see is cutting down and never replacing. Why not?
    2. Deteriorating and Bent Hand Rails by the trestle
    3. The Deteriorating trestle itself.
    4. Deteriorating retaining wall by the trestle.
    The railroads property 90ft each side of the tracks. If our city can ticket a property home owner for a dilapidated house or garage. Why not? Maybe if some of our city officials could contact the rail road there could be added funds to this project and work could be in conjunction?
    5. Deteriorating footbridge similar to the one leading to our Mayors home.
    6. Deteriorating and vandalized road bridge.

  4. Frank Millpond Gratke

    The line “other potential utility replacement under new pavement” does that include water and sanitary sewer?.

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