2018 Spring Election Results: Strong Turnout, New First District Alderman, Shea Wins County Supervisor Seat

Headlines from today’s local election results …

  • Turnout — at more than 34 percent of registered voters — was again strong in South Milwaukee, and I thank residents for stepping up to do their constitutional duty. We always seem to exceed local and state turnout figures in this city, and I love it.
  • In South Milwaukee aldermanic contests, challenger Brett Breisemeister joined incumbent Craig Maass to win seats in the First District, beating incumbent Frank Van Dusen and challenger James Leavens. Aldermanic incumbents Pat Stoner, Ray Navarro, Joe Bukowski, Lisa Pieper, Peggy Clark and David Bartoshevich also won new three-year terms.
  • Incumbents Jon Shelenske and David Maass won new three-year terms on the South Milwaukee School Board.
  • In the District 8 Milwaukee County Board race, Steve Shea beat James Davies in South Milwaukee and overall, and will succeed incumbent David Sartori.
  • In the statewide Supreme Court race, Rebecca Dallet defeated Michael Screnock in South Milwaukee and overall.

Check out full results here.

I want to congratulate all of the incumbent alderpersons who won tonight. Thank you for your service, and I look forward to continuing to work together with you to bring South Milwaukee’s promising, positive future to life every day.

I also thank Alderman Van Dusen for his service on the council, and for his service to this city. That will not be forgotten, and I wish him nothing but the best. And I welcome Brett, a member of our Plan Commission who I have gotten to know well. He will be a strong leader for his district and a champion of South Milwaukee’s positive future.

I also congratulate Steve Shea in his victory. Indeed, I supported his opponent in the race, but that doesn’t change the fact that Steve ran a strong campaign, worked hard and earned his victory. I look forward to working with him as mayor to move South Milwaukee and the entire South Shore forward. There is lots to do, together, in reinvigorating our parks, transit and other vital county services.

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