Driving Efficiency, and Improving Safety and Quality: Making the Move to LED Lights



We owe it to you, our taxpayers, to always explore better ways of doing things, driving efficiency while (hopefully) delivering better quality services at a lower cost.

That’s why I love shining a light on success stories like this. Pun intended.

Here is a video summary of the recently completed project to convert the city’s municipal building lighting to LED technology.

From a story in Commercial Architecture magazine

Municipalities throughout the country are upgrading to LED luminaires to promote efficiency, reduce waste, conserve resources, lessen overall environmental impact, and support the health and safety of employees and residents.

About three years ago, City of South Milwaukee Mayor Erik Brooks asked Jim Shelenske, South Milwaukee city clerk to head up a citywide effort to convert the city’s municipal building lighting to LED technology.

Shelenske’s initial effort was to improve lighting in the City Hall rear parking lot where police cars are parked in the open. The successful parking-lot project was followed by a recently completed conversion of all of the city’s municipal building lighting to LED fixtures. The upgrades included interior and exterior spaces at seven locations with energy-efficient replacements that are on track to deliver a return on investment in as little as 1 1/2 yr.

Facilities that received lighting upgrades include the city’s wastewater and water departments, city hall, self-deposit station, public library, fire, and streets departments. … The completed city-wide projects achieved consistently longer maintained light levels and significantly reduced costs in energy use and labor maintenance. The benefits of improved light levels, lighting quality, and overall safer environments that have resulted from LED technology will benefit the City of South Milwaukee for years to come and likely in ways not yet realized.

Thank you to Jim, Jason Boswell in City Hall maintenance, and all of our department heads and their teams for getting behind this initiative. We won’t stop here in using technology like this to become better at what we do, and how we do it.

We’ll always do what it takes to make our future brighter. Literally.

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One response to “Driving Efficiency, and Improving Safety and Quality: Making the Move to LED Lights

  1. Mukeman

    In addition to improving the city lighting, how about improving the timing of street lights when moving through the city. I have always noticed that as you drive thru the city the street lights seemed to all be timed so that you go from one red light to another all while maintaining the proper speed limit. In other words, you would have to go above and beyond the speed limit in order to get the next green light – no safe! How about re-timing the lights in order to conserve gas and be able to move through the city with greater efficiency instead of going from one light to the next – inefficient. We have the technology. Simple fix. Time is money.

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