For a Greener South Milwaukee: Urban Forestry Update


We continue to make strides — and investments — in South Milwaukee’s urban forestry program. We have to, now and in the future.

Here is what’s happening this spring …

  • Adopt a Tree: We are bringing this Beautification Committee program back for a second year, planting 50 more trees in areas where trees were recently removed due to disease, age or road projects. We are sending letters to 239 impacted residents who had trees removed and stumps ground in 2017, asking if they would like a new tree — and asking them to pledge to care for it. The fee is $100 for each participant, with the city paying the remaining cost. We sold out of trees last year, and I expect we will do the same in 2018.
  •  Arbor Day celebrations: Our Street Department will continue to partner with our local elementary schools in 2018, holding Arbor Day events at each school in the next couple of months. Trees are planted at each school, and kids learn about the value of a strong urban forest, and tree planting, from our Street superintendent. They also go home with free saplings.
  • Tree removals: The city continues to fund removal of  dead, dying, or diseased trees in the public right of way, especially those impacted by emerald ash borer. Between 2014 and November of 2017, the city has removed approximately 675 trees from the right of way, including 480 ash trees, with more to do.

We are also moving forestry supervision to the Street Department, bringing it closer to the people tasked with caring for our urban forest every day. This is transition is ongoing.

Of course, this is just the start.

We have to continue to invest in this work, and will, moving closer to creating an urban forestry infrastructure sustainable for the long term … one tree at a time.


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8 responses to “For a Greener South Milwaukee: Urban Forestry Update

  1. Al

    I can say is the company contracted for Ash Tree removal is a Class operation. Informative, great crew, the work is Great. Answered all questions. Thanks from Walnut Street owner. Al

  2. Jennifer

    What are the plans for replacing all the trees that have been cut down?

  3. SM Guy

    Jennifer – Take a look at what used to be Eb’s Creek on the west side of Fairview just north of Park. You will see the plan – tear out all the trees, bury what’s left and slap some grass down.

  4. Cory

    Is the adopt a tree just for people who get a letter or can anyone sign up to get one?

  5. John

    How is S Milwaukee becoming greener when more trees are removed then
    being replaced? Why are maple trees being trimmed in March & April when the sap is flowing? Is the street department tying to kill remaining healthy trees?
    Taxpayer money for this but not for fixing our horrible roads??

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