Investing in Clean Water: Improvements Coming to Our Water, Wastewater Facilities

We continue to make necessary investments in our infrastructure, and that includes more than $8.8 million in improvements to our water and wastewater plants starting this spring.

On Tuesday, the South Milwaukee Common Council heard an update on the proposed $2.3 construction of a new lift station, and in March, the council approved building new finished water pumping station and clearwells at a cost of $6.5 million at our water utility.

Here are details on both projects …

  • Water: This project, mandated by the state, calls for building two new above-ground clearwells at the plant. A clearwell is a tank that holds treated water. Previously, these wells were underground, but state regulations now require them to be built above ground to prevent groundwater from leaching into the treated water. The project is being funded with a low-interest loan through the federal government’s Safe Drinking Water Act Fund.
  • Wastewater: We are also replacing the lift station on North Chicago Avenue, near Rawson Avenue. Lift stations are important because they pump the sewage to the treatment facility.  This station, one of five in the city, was built in the 1950s, and its wetwell, drywell, station pumping equipment and buildings are in poor condition, and the size and layout of the station make maintaining the pumping equipment difficult and hazardous. The station is also undersized for our existing pumping capacities, and future needs. The project, which is also expected to be funded using a Clean water Fund loan, is expected to head to the council for final approval in May.

I’m proud to stand behind this work, as we continue to do what it takes to deliver the best services we can for years to come. Infrastructure investments are a big part of that.

We should be able to share more information on anticipated water/wastewater rate increases tied to these improvements in coming weeks. I will keep you posted.


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