Futsal, Basketball, Tennis, Pickleball: Exciting Upgrades Coming to Hickory Park


I’m excited about this …

From the South Milwaukee School District …

The Recreation Department is moving forward with a renovation of Hickory Park.  The project will include removing the two “tennis courts” and replacing one with a dual use Futsal / Basketball court and the other with a dual use Tennis /Pickle ball court.  The work will take place over the summer and should be completed by the end of July.  The entire area will be fenced in and we are adding ADA access to the court.  The courts can be used by the public and reserved through the Recreation Department once the work is completed.


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4 responses to “Futsal, Basketball, Tennis, Pickleball: Exciting Upgrades Coming to Hickory Park

  1. Kenny Dexter

    This is great. Pickleball is really a growing sport. Thanks.

  2. Melanie

    I really hope they find the money other than through referendum, to get doors on the class rooms at Blakewood.

  3. Becky

    Are they going to put a fence on the top of the hill going around the field? Just concerned that they should focus on things like that too

  4. Patrick Hintz

    Please show pictures of the recreational courts to be built at the Hickory site. The diagram that is currently on this page does not do this.
    How can you have a large tennis court and four pickle ball courts in the same area? Would not the four nets used for pickle ball get in the way? This space should only be used for pickle ball and not dual use.

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