Local Heroes: Officer Todd Vinohradsky


On Tuesday, May 15, the South Milwaukee City Council recognized local law enforcement and citizens for their work in serving our community, keeping us safe, and saving lives.

I’m recapping those stories on South Milwaukee Blog. Here is today’s story …

Officer Todd Vinohradsky

Supervisor Recognition Award


Our community expects all residents to adhere to some basic standards and those standards include being responsible and respectful tenants or homeowners. When conflict occurs, law enforcement is tasked with resolving the discord and reestablishing peace. Occasionally, however, certain members of our community become chronic users of valuable services and we must take other measures to ensure that our community standards are met. The nuisance ordinance was created to provide another tool for law enforcement, and Officer Todd Vinohradsky has willingly taken a leadership role in applying that instrument to resolve issues involving nuisance properties. Over the past three years, Officer Vinohradsky has completed approximately 70 nuisance property investigations for SMPD and this has caused owners to become more responsible and proactive in the management of their properties. Officer Vinohradsky is to be commended for his high level of self-initiated activity with respect to nuisance property abatement.

Congratulations Officer Vinohradsky!

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One response to “Local Heroes: Officer Todd Vinohradsky

  1. Michael Hundt

    Thank you Officer Todd!
    Your efforts are helping to keep our city beautiful
    and our property values up!

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