New Beginning for Key Corner: Demolition Underway on Former Amoco/BP Station

Demolition of the former Amoco/BP gas station is underway, paving the way for new life on a key blighted corner of the city.

The station closed more than five years ago, and the property has deteriorated since.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., which owns the property after the bank that previously owned it failed, decided it would be more cost effective — and provide a better redevelopment opportunity — for them to tear down the building, rather than undertake the significant repairs we were requiring.

This is a win for the city. A key parcel will now have a much better chance of redevelopment in the years ahead, potentially fueled by this site’s (very purposeful) inclusion in our new downtown Tax Incremental District No. 5.

Expect the parcel to listed for sale once there is full closure of the site by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, which has indicated will come in 2019. The underground fuel tanks have already been removed from the site.

The city is doing more than ever to encourage the improvement, redevelopment, rehabilitation, and reuse of underutilized and vacant properties. This is the latest one. It’s hard work, and we have more to do. But we’re doing it.

One demolished gas station at a time.


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2 responses to “New Beginning for Key Corner: Demolition Underway on Former Amoco/BP Station

  1. Peggy

    Any update on Kwik Trip coming into SM?

    • RocketMom

      I have personally petitioned Kwik Trip to come to SM. The answer I received was that we are oversaturated with Speedway and other gas stations. They won’t even look at our area. They won’t. Think of something cooler to put in that spot. How about a micro brewery?

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