Downtown Streetscaping Info Meeting Planned for Wednesday, Feb. 27

Learn more about the major investment coming to Milwaukee Avenue at an information meeting set for 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 27, at City Hall.

Details here and here. From the city Facebook page

The city is in the final phase of preparing streetscaping improvement plans for Milwaukee Avenue. We are planning to present the final plan layout, address questions and to solicit public comments on our final details for Milwaukee Avenue at our public informational meeting. If you’d like to learn more about our plans, we encourage you to attend.

I’m excited to see our Main Street transform later this year, as we continue the even more important work of filling empty storefronts. Together, this will bring new life to our city center, and we’re well on our way.


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4 responses to “Downtown Streetscaping Info Meeting Planned for Wednesday, Feb. 27

  1. loretta mildebrandt

    Are the plans including stores past tracks? That’e what people see coming from that directions .

  2. SM Guy

    Am I reading the lower right part of page 2 right that the sidewalk east side of Azteca is finally going to be legal? Currently between their private concrete ramp and their garbage on the sidewalk it is not passable for anyone over the age of 60.

  3. Frank

    I would like to thank everybody at the meeting about Milwaukee Avenue improvements. I thought everybody was pleasant. I arrived at the meeting while an alderman walked in. I asked him do you thing if another alderman will challenge the Mayor in the next election. He said, “It sure looks like it”’.

    There were cookies from wild flower. I had a very tasty peanut butter cookie.
    The city engineer explain the cost of 1.8 million, with lights provided by the electric company and no bump outs in a 45 minute talk. The only challenge from the audience was the color of black bricks would cause evaporation around the trees. The planned improvement area is between 9th and 13th streets. I was surprise that an opponent of the Mayor from the last election complemented the engineer on his presentation.

    My only negative was no coffee with the cookie. So, I went to the grocery store to get some free coffee the next morning. A former mayor was there and I explained about the meeting. He was not real happy He disagrees with spending money with all the older and unoccupied buildings.

    I firmly belief South Milwaukee is a very nice place to live as long as you stay neutral in the political arguments. People seem always willing to explain theirs. It makes you feel that you have lot of friends.

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