A Word on Crossing Guards

By now, you may have heard the company we rely upon to provide school crossing guards has been put out of business, leaving us high and dry.

And we’re not alone.

The South Milwaukee Police Department is working hard to lessen the impact of this, and until we find a long-term solution it’s “all hands on deck” to keep our kids safe.

From the police department Facebook page

We have been able to find secure staff for some of the crossing locations with the temporary hire of guards that were previously working these posts and a new hire. We are also continuing to cover some posts with help from a volunteer, other City employees and Police department personnel, when possible. If anyone is interested in a crossing guard position please contact Captain Jill Kallay at the South Milwaukee Police Department for information and details. We continue to ask that drivers use caution and be watchful in crossing locations.

Here was Sunday’s SMPD post …

The company that staffs crossing guards for the City of South Milwaukee is experiencing some issues and this may result in not having crossing guards at the normal locations. The City and school district are working together to find new crossing guards. While this is being pursued, please remind your children to use caution during walks to and from school. We will have police officers and other city or school district employees assisting in these duties but we ask all drivers to be watchful for children at crosswalks. As the City of South Milwaukee takes steps to resolve this issue, we ask all drivers to be watchful and use extra caution.

I’ll be volunteering at 15th and Lakeview each morning this week. Stop by and say hello, and stay safe, South Milwaukee!

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