Putting Your Waste to Good Use, and Saving Money

Pretty soon, there may be a little bit of you in bags of Milorganite — and we’ll be saving money because of it.

That is thanks to a new partnership with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, which will now be accepting solid waste from the South Milwaukee Wastewater Plant for use in making their slow-release nitrogen fertilizer.

The South Milwaukee City Council approved the agreement on Tuesday, and approval is still needed by the MMSD board.

Check out the agreement. We are always looking for win-win partnerships that help us become more efficient while delivering cost savings, and this is one of them.

By simply trucking our solids to MMSD instead of to area farms as far away as Washington and Fond du Lac Counties, we will save an estimated $60,000 per year. It also delivers environmental benefits, helping produce a fertilizer that MMSD calls “one of the nation’s oldest recycling efforts.”

There is also a broader win here — a continued strong partnership with MMSD. I am proud of the relationship we’ve built in recent years, starting with their partnership on the Oak Creek Watershed restoration plan and now this. We’ll be looking at additional partnerships in the future.

As we state in the agreement …

In a spirit of cooperation and in an effort to reduce the burden on respective rate-payers while improving the level of service to customers, the parties are constantly exploring partnerships and opportunities for shared services.

Amen to that, and we’re not done yet.

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One response to “Putting Your Waste to Good Use, and Saving Money

  1. Melanie

    As Martha Stewart says, “ It’s a good thing” .

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