Today’s Hero: SMPD Officer Kadija Walusay

The May 21 city council meeting is my favorite each year, as we get a chance to recognized members of the South Milwaukee Police and Fire Departments and citizens for their heroic acts. I will feature one story each day on my blog. Please thank these everyday heroes!

“On July 7, 2018, Officers Kadija Walusay and Michael Luczak were dispatched to the 1000 block of Lake Drive for a report of a male who was passed out in the driveway of a residence.  The officers found the man to be highly intoxicated, but were able to gather some information from him concerning his presence at that address.  He told them that he had been visiting a male friend who lived at that address and had permission to be there.  As Officer Luczak began making arrangements to give the man a ride home, Officer Walusay continued to investigate and walked to the rear yard of the residence.  There, she noticed a hot tub and discovered that a woman was alone, unconscious and almost completely submerged in the water.  Officer Walusay took quick action and pulled the woman from the water while summoning medical attention.  It turns out, the woman was highly intoxicated and had passed out while in the water.  Luckily she was revived and was uninjured. 

This assignment could have been closed after initial contact with the intoxicated male in the driveway but Officer Kadija Walusay did not stop there.  As a conscientious public servant, she always shows leadership and she did so on that night.  She is to be commended for taking initiative, conducting a thorough investigation,

searching the area and ultimately finding an unconscious woman in need of assistance.  If not for the actions of Officer Walusay, the woman likely would have lost her life.  For these reasons, Officer Kadija Walusay is hereby presented a lifesaving award.”

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