Today’s Hero: Fred Sinani, and Paisano’s Restaurant

The May 21 city council meeting is my favorite each year, as we get a chance to recognized members of the South Milwaukee Police and Fire Departments and citizens for their heroic acts. I will feature one story each day on my blog. Please thank these everyday heroes!

“One generally accepted definition of a community is “A place where people are bound together because of where they live, work or otherwise spend a continuous portion of their daily life.”  A community offers many appealing features, including safety, familiarity, loyalty and support, but it is important to remember that those features don’t simply exist without effort, nor do they exist due to the rank or status of individuals.  Those desirable features are the result of many individual efforts and distinct contributions to the community itself. 

For many years, Mr. Fred Sinani, owner of the Paisano’s Restaurant in South Milwaukee, has been a vital partner with this community and with the South Milwaukee Police Department.  The biggest event of the year for our department is always the Night Out event, which takes place each August.  That event is intended to create stronger bonds between the police department and the community, through an evening of music, games and prizes.  It requires many hours of planning, but just as important, its success is dependent upon contributions from the business community.  

For the past several years, Fred Sinani has generously donated the food for those events and has also hosted planning meetings for the Night Out committee.  His contributions don’t stop there.  Fred has donated to numerous other events such as Shop with a Cop and has consistently gone out of his way to support our department’s efforts.   He continually demonstrates his strong and steadfast commitment to the City of South Milwaukee and we are lucky to have him as a reliable partner.  For these reasons, the South Milwaukee Police Department hereby presents Mr. Fred Sinani a Citizen Recognition Award.”

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