Today’s Heroes: Everyone Who Saved Ricky Ellis’ Life

The May 21 city council meeting is my favorite each year, as we get a chance to recognized members of the South Milwaukee Police and Fire Departments and citizens for their heroic acts. I will feature one story each day on my blog. Please thank these everyday heroes!

“At approximately 10:10 am on March 9, 2019, South Milwaukee resident Ricky Ellis was in his basement getting his morning treadmill workout in.  Suddenly, he collapsed to floor in the presence of his wife, Julie.  Julie attempted to call 9-1-1 but, for some reason, couldn’t get through.  Her next call was to her son, Jon, who happened to live a few blocks away and who also happened to be married to a Registered Nurse, Melissa. 

Jon immediately called 9-1-1 and they both jumped into their car and drove over.  Upon reaching the basement, Melissa found her father-in-law pulseless and not breathing and immediately started CPR. Arriving SMFD personnel found Ricky in the care of Melissa and took over resuscitation efforts, defibrillating Ricky once and starting an IV to administer medications.  Ricky’s pulse returned. He was alive. 

Ricky was transported to St. Luke’s Medical Center and has made a full recovery.  It is without doubt that Melissa’s actions that morning helped in saving the life of her father-in-law and the actions of our EMS personnel, once again, demonstrates the high level of care they provide on a daily basis.”

Congratulations to the following firefighter/EMTs: Jared Rentmeester, Matthew Boss, Nathan Fager, Scott Wallis, and Jeremy Fronczak … and Melissa, who now works for the South Milwaukee Health Department!

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