Heads Up: Trick-or-Treating Rescheduled to Saturday

Due to the historic winter (?) storm, we are rescheduling the official City of South Milwaukee trick-or-treating to this Saturday, November 2, from 1 to 3 p.m. Please help us spread the word, and stay safe, South Milwaukee!


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4 responses to “Heads Up: Trick-or-Treating Rescheduled to Saturday

  1. Peter H

    While I do understand the concerns but rescheduling this late, makes it very difficult to get word out and I would expect kids now on both days.

    • We worked hard to get the word out quickly. I believe each school did an announcement, and the media reported it quickly. In addition to digital channels. Was there 100% penetration? I’m sure not. But we tried our best.

  2. cuzooma@yahoo.com

    Only a 3 hrs notice. Good luck with that! You made a resoluti

  3. Bonnie Braier

    Thanks for the update!

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