Budget Amendment: New Life for Grobschmidt Pool?

An update from Milwaukee County Supervisor Steven Shea

I am excited to report that my budget amendment to keep the Grobschmidt Pool open was included in a larger package of funded budget amendments that passed our County’s Finance Committee today! The full board will vote on it next week. Thanks to everyone for hanging in there and staying in contact about your needs throughout the budget process. It is my pleasure to represent our district in these debates. I really appreciate your support.

My original pool proposal was incorporated into a wide-ranging budget amendment presented to the Finance Committee today by Board Chairman Theodore Lipscomb, Sr., and co-sponsored by myself and fellow supervisors Schmitt, Johnson, Cullen, and Taylor.

Thanks, Supervisor Shea, for fighting for South Milwaukee and the South Shore! Now let’s get this to the finish line — as well as the restoration of Milwaukee County Transit routes 48 and 52.

The County Board holds its budget public hearing Monday night.

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One response to “Budget Amendment: New Life for Grobschmidt Pool?

  1. Bob Mitzenheim

    Is that the Parkway pool near the police station?

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