I Love the Newest Member of the South Milwaukee School Board

Indeed, my wife, Sarah Brooks, has been appointed as the newest South Milwaukee School Board member. She was sworn in last night.

Sarah replaces Carol Dufek, who left her spot on the board earlier this fall.

I am most certainly biased, but I think she is a great choice, and will serve the district and its students incredibly well.

Sarah brings almost two decades of experience in education, including more than 15 in the classroom. Her career has taken her to the Raymond, Whitnall and South Milwaukee School Districts, primarily in teaching English as a second language. She most recently served as an ESL aide at Rawson Elementary.

Sarah is also active in our church, the community, and the school district as an active and engaged parent of our ninth- and sixth grade kids.

She always steps up to help people, from raising awareness (and money) to find a cure for type 1 diabetes through JDRF and, more recently, to serving as a “compassionate entrepreneur” for Trades of Hope, which seeks to lift up disadvantaged Third World artisans across the globe.

And Sarah is a Cubs fan. But we won’t hold that against her.

Sarah will be up for election next spring (April 7, 2020), and I heard from a well-placed source that she intends to run for her seat.

Congratulations, honey!


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7 responses to “I Love the Newest Member of the South Milwaukee School Board

  1. Mike Sosalla

    Is she in the teachers union? If so, will she recuse herself from future contract negotiations?

    Mike Sosalla

  2. resident.

    hmmm. Mayor helps write budget, wife on school board. I’m sure hubby will say no to budget increases she asks for.

  3. Frank Gratke

    Separate? Maybe? I belief both have the same geographic boundaries.They both have to tax around this old and aging industrial city. Then you go to City hall ,for a common council meeting, which more people should attend to just be more informed, and get into a real heavy discussion with the high school principle about advanced placement courses. Those are high school courses that can lead to college credit.
    The real truth is they both need to work together to get this city going. I also have two opinions. The first, schools have more of an effect on real estate values then city activities. Second, Advance Placement Courses make your school . Please check out Marshfield School System in Northern Wisconsin.

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