Stronger, Together: Proudly Announcing my Candidacy for a Third Term as South Milwaukee’s Mayor

To My South Milwaukee Neighbors, 

Visit my campaign website here and Facebook page here.

It’s been an honor serving as your mayor since 2014. I humbly ask for your vote on April 7, 2020, as I seek another term leading our city forward.

I filed my declaration of candidacy this morning at City Hall. Learn more on my campaign website and Facebook page.

We’ve made great progress since I was first elected, responsibly investing in critical areas. And that will not change in my third term, as we lean into the same priorities …

  • Invest in Economic Development: We’re bringing new businesses into the city, and proactively bringing new tools, incentives and partnerships to the table, to do even more.
  • Invest in Downtown: We have to start here, and we’re taking concrete actions to breathe new life into our city center and ensure its long-term success.
  • Invest in the Oak Creek Watershed: We’re working with public and private partners to renew the Oak Creek watershed, planning to work, and soon working the plan for long-overdue environmental, ecological and recreational improvements.
  • Invest in Technology and Efficiency: We’re making our government more efficient, becoming easier to do business with, and improving how we deliver the first-class services you have come to expect from us.
  • Invest in Public Safety and Health: We’re finding new ways, and new partners, to deliver these critical services, and we’re seeing results. Crime is down. Service is up. And we’re safer and healthier because of it.
  • Invest in Partnerships and Advocacy: We can’t do this alone, and we’re always seeking new and better ways to work with our neighboring communities, schools, Milwaukee County, businesses, and nonprofits.
  • Invest in Communication: We’re sharing important information more frequently and in new ways, and better telling our story with residents, visitors and business owners.
  • Invest in Infrastructure: Clean water. Roads. Beautification. Urban forestry, and more. We’re driving significant, critical and often long-overdue capital projects.

We’re doing this all as responsible stewards of your money, living out our commitment every day to keep expenditures under control and taxes as low as possible.

I need your help as we continue to build on this momentum.

The general election is April 7. As that date approaches, please take a few minutes to learn more about me, the campaign, the progress we have made, and, most importantly, a vision for our promising future that both builds on our successes and reflects on the lessons we’ve learned.

I am excited for the future of this city, and I ask you to join me in continuing to shape that future in April.

We’re stronger, together. And we’re not done yet.


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2 responses to “Stronger, Together: Proudly Announcing my Candidacy for a Third Term as South Milwaukee’s Mayor

  1. Frank Gratke

    I believe your 5 top issues you would like to accomplish in order and please correct the list.
    (1) South Milwaukee Downtown redeveloped into a thriving center.
    (2) A new tenet for the Caterpillar South Campus.
    (3) Mill Pond restoration.
    (4) Pennsylvania Avenue between Rawson and Drexal Avenues improved to four lanes.
    (5) The old South Park Lanes made active.

  2. SM Guy

    Frank – I would change #3 to be about the pool. That’s where all the focus has been. Unfortunately, the mayor has been on the side of the “let’s study this to death” crowd. He has not taken the position of “enough with the BS, county representatives. Let’s get on with digging out the sandbar.”

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