And Your 2019 Light Up South Milwaukee Holiday Lights Award Winners Are …

Thanks again to everyone who nominated a home this year — it was a tough choice! I’m proud to share the winners, chosen from nominations through our web form and Facebook, as well as homes we came across as South Milwaukee’s Happy Day Tours took us on our judging tour.

First, let’s start with last year’s winners, who were not eligible to win again in 2019. Check out all of these addresses on your lights tour, including the amazing Lights on Edgewood show.

Now on to the 2019 winners! Grouped by location (for easier driving) …

613 Walnut St.
905 Fairview Ave.
810 Carrington Ave.
2501 8th Ave.
3105 5th Ave.
1817 Edgewood Ave.
1333 Columbia Ave.
1907 17th Ave.
1720 Manitoba Ave.
1639 Monroe Ave.

I’d also add the following honorable mentions, which scored highly among judges. In no particular order …

  • 604 Walnut St.
  • 1120 Park Ave.
  • 513 Brookdale Court
  • 1828 Kristin Lane
  • 3310 15th Ave.
  • 1313 Columbia Ave.
  • 209 Laurel Lane
  • 1626 Hickory St.
  • 118 Lake Drive
  • 1400 Drexel Blvd.
  • 1406 17th Ave.
  • 1409 Menomonee Ave.
  • 1503 Fairview Ave.
  • 621 Hawthorne Ave.
  • 1201 Russet Lane
  • 1915 17th Ave.

And I would add a special mayoral recognition for these two properties …

Again, congratulations to all of our winners … and I close with one ask: Be sure to nominate deserving addresses in 2020! I know there are some we missed because they were not nominated.

Let’s shine this Christmas, South Milwaukee.

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