“Once it’s Lost, it’s Lost”: An Update on Steps to Preserve Our Written History for Generations to Come

The fundraising effort to digitize more than 100 years of city newspaper continues, and I’m happy to report there is a good progress.

The South Milwaukee Historical Society tells me 16 donors have already stepped up to contribute between $10 and $1,000 each, for a total of $5,000. That is in addition to $2,000 committed by the society — with Jay Benkowski, of Benkowski Builders, agreeing to match all new donations dollar for dollar. The goal is $15,000.

Donate today! Send checks to: South Milwaukee Historical Society, 717 Milwaukee Ave., South Milwaukee, WI 53172.

And check out coverage from NOW and Fox 6, and my previous post on this effort. From the Fox 6 story …

Decades of history now sit with no way to access it. Cheaper than buying a new machine is digitizing all of the files — which is also a more user-friendly option. “If you digitize it in a certain way, it’s searchable, so you wouldn’t need to take this film and go through every single frame to see if that’s the one where your family history is on,” Manning said.

But the library can’t afford the project on its own. The South Milwaukee Historical Society is leading the effort to raise $15,000 for the digitization.

“It’s very important because, in some cases, this is the only record of this information,” said Manning. “Once it’s lost, it’s lost.”

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