COVID-19 Update Headed for Mailboxes: Please Share Now

The City of South Milwaukee is sending a citywide mailer on what we are doing locally to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

It may not arrive in mailboxes until early next week, but here is the final file. Please share and post liberally!

It is essentially a single-source recap of information we have shared, but hitting every address.

Its primary audience is the thousands of people who may not be online in South Milwaukee, those who may have limited local information on closures and other city service impacts and voting. The document also includes information on meals for kids and seniors, and an effort to help local businesses, as well as basic information from federal health officials.

Thanks to MJ Media for their work on this, as we do all we can as a city to keep residents informed on this rapidly changing situation.

Look for a citywide phone message from me tonight.


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3 responses to “COVID-19 Update Headed for Mailboxes: Please Share Now

  1. resident.

    This seems wasteful with how fast news changes.

    • It’s a risk. We know it. But we are already getting good mileage out of it, sharing digitally and with other community partners. We needed a way to talk to everyone in the community about this with consistent information. This is probably our best option. A citywide phone call went out this evening too.

  2. Kathy Zivicki

    I don’t live in South Milwaukee but think this is a good idea– can see your reasoning behind it. I support Human Concerns quite frequently and saw this reposted on their page–

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