Election Guidance Updated: I Strongly Urge Residents to Request Mail Ballots Online

The city has posted updated information on the coming election, which you can see here.

It includes information on in-person absentee (early) voting, which is supposed to start on Monday at City Hall.

Long story short: We are strongly recommending that all registered voters request a mailed ballot online.

You can do so here. It’s very easy. You can also request one via email to elections@smwi.gov, or by mail to City of South Milwaukee – Clerk, 2424 15th Ave., South Milwaukee, WI 53172. You will need to include a scanned image or image from your phone of your ID.

More guidance on Election Day protocols to come, as we seek to balance protecting the vote with reducing risk for our people and voters.


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4 responses to “Election Guidance Updated: I Strongly Urge Residents to Request Mail Ballots Online

  1. resident.

    Elections are vital services. You should keep the same open days as Madison and Milwaukee. Otherwise South Milwaukee resident votes are being suppressed.

  2. Russ Sobolik

    I wonder how many senior citizens have the ability or knowledge to scan , take a picture, and send it in time to vote.

    • Bryce Ruddock

      I am age 69 and did request the absentee ballot for myself and my partner. She has been in and out of hospitals and rehab centers for the past 5 weeks for issues unrelated to the pandemic and is currently at Ascencion Franklin so the absentee ballot seemed a great idea for both of us. It took only a few minutes and the next day the ballots were in our mailbox. Those of you younger people who have elderly family please help them out with getting the ballots, its easy enough for this old geezer it should be easy for the younger folks as well.

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