Spring Election 2020: Proud to be Elected to a Third Term as South Milwaukee Mayor

Results are in from the pandemic election of 2020, and I want to start by saying thank you.

I am excited to serve a third term as mayor, and look forward to building on the positive momentum we’ve established the last six years, and to continue to lead the city through the coronavirus crisis.

We have a lot of work to do, and we are doing it, every day.

I’m also proud of my wife, Sarah, who recorded the most votes of the five candidates for South Milwaukee School Board. Well done, honey!

Other winners of contested races in South Milwaukee were Joe Biden, Jill Karofsky, Chris Larson, Brett Blomme, and Rebecca Kiefer.

Joining Sarah on the School Board will be Patrick Hintz and Augie Vega, who finished second and third, respectively. I want to thank John Haslam for his decades of service to the district — he leaves a strong legacy.

Both referendum questions — supporting Marsy’s Law and non-gerrymandered district maps — passed easily.

Check out the full results here.

The biggest headline, however, may be the turnout — below 50% of registered voters, down 15 percentage points from four years ago. There were almost 2,000 fewer votes cast in this election vs. 2016 — disappointing, but not surprising, given that we were asked to deliver an election in the middle of a health crisis.

It’s clear: Many voters sat this one out, and I can’t blame them. You can read my thoughts on that reality here.

That said, our people stepped up. I want to thank everyone who helped execute this election, led by our clerk’s office and poll workers, including all of the city employees who worked to process absentee ballots, staff the polls, and count votes. The teamwork was impressive, and appreciated.

They delivered a safe election in the face of an unprecedented situation. That will never be taken for granted, and long remembered.


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11 responses to “Spring Election 2020: Proud to be Elected to a Third Term as South Milwaukee Mayor

  1. Gloria Jean Gerner Becker

    Congrats…. good job mayor 👍🏼

  2. resident.

    Who ran against you? Oh thats right, no one.
    It should also be against the law that two family members be elected officials in the same community.

    • Brian

      If the fact that someone ran unopposed bothers you, you can put your name on the ballot. Elections are an opportunity for citizens to get directly involved. Regarding the family members, the City and School District are separate entities. This is a matter of state law.

    • Melanie

      Agreed “resident”

      • Brian

        For those who don’t like that fact that so many candidates run unopposed, you always have the option of adding your name to the ballot. Second, regarding family members, the city and the school district are separate governing entities. The city does not control the school district and vise versa.

      • Resident.

        Brain, The fact that they are  separate governing entities, doesn’t change my point. Why should one family have so much power over such a small community. It’s laughable to think they are completely separated and that the two of them will work independently. One spouse will try to influence the other.

      • Brian

        Resident: I appreciate your reply, but it doesn’t change my point. When there are so few candidates on the ballot you can have a situation of two family members running and winning. We – myself included – need to step up and actively get involved on the ballot.

      • resident.

        others ran for the school board. You don’t think name recognition helped her get elected? You dont think her name gave her an in to get the job in the first place? All I’m really saying is that this shouldn’t be allowed. One family, one husband and wife shouldn’t wield control over a city like kings and queens. If they werent so power hungry, they both wouldnt have ran.

    • Barbara Nowak

      I completely agree with you.

  3. Jerrianne Hayslett

    Congratulations, Erik, and to Sarah as well. This city is so much stronger for your excellent and visionary leadership.

    • Resident.

      Can you share what visionary leadership has accomplished? Businesses gone. Water rates sky rocked. Fees went up. School costs up. Milwaukee street being “upgraded” to look just like it did before.

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