SGNSM, April 14 Edition: Telling Some Good News Stories in South Milwaukee

If you haven’t seen John Krasinski’s “Some Good News” videos the past few weeks, check them out.

They’re incredibly inspiring, and fun. Pants optional.

I don’t have his permission, but who cares? I’m starting an online (for now) “Some Good News” affiliate in South Milwaukee — SGNSM!

I’m starting on the blog, but if someone wants to take this information to produce some local “newscasts,” go for it!

Here we go …

  • Let’s start with the Shelenske and Blaha families, aka the “Easter Bunnies” this past Sunday. Together they handed out almost 600 bags of goodies to local kids, as they drove by homes across the city. Donations and help also came from PyraMax Bank, South Milwaukee Lions Club, Friends of the Mill Pond & Oak Creek Watercourse, Diamond Vision, Walmart, and Pick ‘n Save. I love this! Happy Easter, indeed.
  • I want to thank everyone from the South Milwaukee School District who joined the vehicle parade this afternoon, as they drove by City Hall and the Police and Fire Departments to thank our city employees. Very cool, and much appreciated.
  • Hospital serenade. If you haven’t checked out what South Shore fire departments did on Thursday to thank health care workers at Advocate Aurora South Shore Hospital, please do. Awesome stuff, and thanks to South Milwaukee Fire Chief Knitter for organizing it. Check out the video.
  • Our Police and Fire Departments also helped deliver a special birthday last week for a South Milwaukee 13-year-old.
  • Masks! We have so many people stepping up to make cloth masks for family, friends, health care workers, first responders and others, and I love it. Please keep it up!
  • Feeding kids young and old. I love what the Grobschmidt Senior Center is doing to make sure seniors are getting daily meals during the pandemic. And South Milwaukee schools are stepping up, too, with meals for all local kids. Details on our website.
  • Speaking of our schools, they are doing some great work on Facebook, offering lighthearted ways to get through the pandemic. For example, who doesn’t love pictures of pets and stuffed animals?
  • Speaking of feeding families, how about a shoutout to those helping South Milwaukee Human Concerns? They are still stepping up to serve local families in need, with fewer volunteers and a growing demand. Neighbors are helping neighbors, as they serve between 100-125 families per week, which is up around 20%. There has been a small but most welcome outpouring of monetary donations to SMHC. Many thanks to those who have recently provided much needed monetary help. If you can give, please go to their website  and click “Donate Here.”
  • There is also a GoFundMe campaign underway for Human Concerns … please help!
  • Small business. Folks across the community are also stepping up to support small business, and I love to hear about how many people are ordering carryout or delivery to lift them up during this time. It looks like that continued on Good Friday!
  • I’m also proud of the work the city is doing to support small business, including our Street Department signage program and production of the Bridges magazine special edition focused on shopping local. More than 50 small businesses will be featured in this edition! It should be in the mail soon.
  • We recognized our Health Department during National Public Health Week. Here is the proclamation we did.
  • MJ Media is also producing “Heroes” yard signs, for $11 each. To order one, click here.

Have a story to share? Send it to me at

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