Help Wanted: Stepping up to Help Human Concerns — Now, More Than Ever

South Milwaukee Human Concerns needs your help!

Here is a message from Director Deb DeBoer …

We are very low on monetary donations and if we look into the near future we will be running low on food donations. The national postal drive that normally brings in up to 17,000 pounds of food has been postponed until possibly September. We have plenty of meat and peanut butter but are running low on condiments, hamburger helper, Mac and cheese, soups, canned spaghetti-raviolis, personal hygiene.

As always, South Milwaukee is already stepping up, led by a GoFundMe campaigned organized by the McCarty family. Details here. From it …

Come on Rockets! Please join us in raising money to benefit South Milwaukee Human Concerns with a cash donation to help support purchases of fresh food  and non-perishable items for their food bank. Due to recent circumstances regarding the COVID-19 virus, there has been a decline in food and donations made to South Milwaukee Human Concerns and any donation will help make an impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much in the SM Community. Go Rockets!


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3 responses to “Help Wanted: Stepping up to Help Human Concerns — Now, More Than Ever

  1. Mary Longsine

    Hi Eric,
    My name is Mary Longsine, a retired Physical Education Teacher from South Milwaukee…eons ago 🤣.
    I did send a donation to Human Concerns and hope it helps.
    Just a question. I hate paying through PayPal because they charge a fee, they take a tip, and they specify that if they feel they find a problem, my donation can be given to a charity of their choice.
    If there is another request of this nature, could there be an address to send a check directly and not through PayPal?
    The $100, beyond what I gave, went to them. I’d rather it went to help people in need.
    I know it’s convenient but I like to choose how money is used.
    Thanks for all you are doing for South Milwaukee.

  2. chris

    Yes I don’t use PayPal for the same reason. Is it possible to drop it off in the drop box at City Hall or do they have a drop box at Human Concerns?

  3. Timothy Schafer

    Address for Human Concerns is:
    South Milwaukee Human Concerns
    1029 Milwaukee Ave.
    South Milwaukee, WI 53172

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