Staying “Safer at Home” Through May 26

You’ve probably seen the news about Governor Evers’ extension of the “Safer at Home” order. See it here.

And here are statements from me, Health Administrator Jackie Ove and South Milwaukee Police Chief William Jessup …

Statement from South Milwaukee and St. Francis Health Administrator Jackie Ove and South Milwaukee Mayor Erik Brooks

We stand behind today’s decision by Governor Evers to extend the “Safer at Home” order. The revised order — as with other rules, guidance and recommendations issued during the COVID-19 pandemic – are being put in place to slow the spread of the virus and improve public health. They are working. We are “flattening the curve.” However, cases continue to increase, and we need support from the community to ensure we continue to make progress in fighting the virus. Please read the order, and act accordingly, and responsibly. Let’s be safer at home – the health and safety of you, your family and other South Milwaukeeans depend on it. 

Statement from South Milwaukee Police Chief William Jessup

We thank the vast majority people who have voluntarily complied with the “Safer at Home” order. We need to abide by the revised order. We will continue to work in concert with our Health Department to ensure orders are followed. If violations arise, law enforcement will take note and educate and inform those individuals. Enforcement has been and will be a last step.

And I’ll add this … I absolutely sympathize with our small business owners and the hardships they are facing. As a small business owner who is being impacted by this, I understand the push by some to reopen the economy quickly. But we must make decisions guided by our health professionals, and they are clear: Now is not the time to let up, or we risk giving back the gains we’ve made in slowing spread.

As we make decisions like this, I also try to remember for whom we are doing all of this. People like my stepfather and my son.

So, I ask, continue to shop local, as much as possible, including ordering carryout or delivery from a local restaurant. Learn more on the Shop Local South Milwaukee Facebook page and

We will get this through, together. But it will take time.


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13 responses to “Staying “Safer at Home” Through May 26


    When are going to start testing? I must of ask for this over 3 week ago. Still no testing tell me different.

  2. John Tangen

    Power hungry tyrants you all are. This order is unconstitutional. So glad you only think of your family and not the community at large. Percentages and facts are what need to be looked at .

    • I suggest everyone has someone they should stay home for — an elderly relative, someone with a compromised immune system, etc. Even if you don’t, percentages and facts say that if we opened up the economy too soon (or didn’t shut things down in the first place) we would be in a significantly worse position than we are now. The fact that “it’s not that bad” in some areas is precisely why we need to keep doing what we’re doing.

  3. SM Guy

    I’m done. The mask went in the trash last night and I’m going out shopping today and whenever I want to from now on. And if some friends want to get together, so be it. I”m tired of the tunnel vision of all our elected officials. “Decisions guided buy our healthcare professionals….” That’s it. No economic professional, not business leaders, not even psychological professionals. Here are the latest numbers: 197 deaths in Wisconsin. 5.8M people in Wisconsin. That’s 0.0034%! The bubonic plague took ot 30-60% of the population.. Walker opened Wisconsin for business and the DemocRATS are closing it up permanently. Time to recall Evers and put someone in who can look at the whole picture and get Wisconsin back to work.

  4. RandyG

    I am appalled and angry at Gov. Evers dictate to direct his DHS secretary-designee to extend his Safer at Home order to May 26 and hold the citizens and businesses hostage to this lockdown. Gov. Evers does not have the authority under state law to do this! This decision will further ruin the state’s economy and cause many more people to lose their jobs and businesses. We must put a stop to this idiocy.

  5. Diane Dombrowski

    When can we get the next update for covid-19 cases in South Milwaukee?

    On Thu, Apr 16, 2020, 5:44 PM South Milwaukee Blog wrote:

    > Erik Brooks posted: ” You’ve probably seen the news about Governor Evers’ > extension of the “Safer at Home” order. See it here. And here are > statements from me, Health Administrator Jackie Ove and South Milwaukee > Police Chief William Jessup … Statement from South ” >

  6. Dee D

    How often does the covid-19 cases in South Milwaukee get reported and where can I find this data. Last update I saw was April 16th. I would like to get current information as soon as it is released.

    • There is a daily report that we were sharing regularly on our city website/Facebook page, and will start again, hopefully tomorrow. The numbers have not changed much since April 16, but we need to be sharing them, I hear you.

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