Streetscaping Update: Phase 2 Contract Awarded to South Milwaukee’s EK Construction

Work is ramping up on the new look of Milwaukee Avenue. 

The South Milwaukee Common Council on Tuesday approved a $416,504 contract with locally based EK Construction LLC for Phase 2 of the project.

That work will include sidewalk removal and concrete replacement between back of curb and buildings (except curb ramp areas completed in Phase 1). Picture-frame terrace area concrete and 16-inch paver bands will be installed at new street tree planters. New trees will be purchased and installed with Phase 2, as well as bike lanes and parking stalls.

Work on phase two will continue into July. 

Streetscaping amenities like planters, benches, and bike racks will be reviewed after Phase 2 is complete and ordered for a late 2020 or spring of 2021 installation.

For now, work on Phase 1 continues, which began with installation of new LED lighting, and has included … 

  • Modification of traffic signals at the intersection of Milwaukee Avenue and 13th Avenue to remove signal heads from banner poles, removal of banner poles and footings, and installation of new pedestal bases and poles;
  • Installation of temporary traffic signals at 10th and Milwaukee, removal of existing traffic signal equipment, installation of a new controller, equipment, and conduit;
  • Installation of storm sewer and inlets at the Ninth and Milwaukee intersection;  
  • Removal and replacement of deteriorated curb and gutter as identified, and curb for new curb ramps, new curb on the west side of Ninth, south of Milwaukee Avenue;
  • Removal and replacement of curb and concrete pavement; and
  • Installation of new curb ramps and pavement marking for new signals, and crosswalks.

To stay up to date on the project, visit the Milwaukee Avenue streetscaping page on the city website, or become a member of the Facebook group

I’m excited to see the continued progress amid the pandemic, especially in conjunction with other major projects in our city center, like the Bucyrus Club and 11th and Madison Avenue public space. These are investments that will help reshape Main Street, and the city, for the long term.


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4 responses to “Streetscaping Update: Phase 2 Contract Awarded to South Milwaukee’s EK Construction

  1. Frank Workman

    Looking forward to an improved downtown South Milwaukee. This is a good start.

  2. Mary M

    Erik. Your Lockdown is Shutting your city down. What a brainless comment, yet we all don’t see our city “shut down”? You have the ability to open it, but you criminally chose not to…

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