South Milwaukee/St. Francis Health Department Issues New Local Health Order Following Supreme Court Ruling

SM Health DepartmentThe South Milwaukee/St. Francis Health Department has joined with those in other suburban communities to issue a new local health order after the Wisconsin State Supreme Court invalidated the state’s “Safer at Home” order in a ruling on Wednesday. 

The order, effective immediately and through 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, May 21, sets in motion the first phase of a larger reopening plan under development by local health officers in the last two weeks. 

It allows for the reopening of most businesses, limiting the number of people allowed inside most establishments to 25% of their capacity. Salons, barber shops and playgrounds may also reopen, with restrictions. Restaurants and bars would remain closed except for takeout and delivery. Gatherings must be limited to nine or fewer people. 

You can see the full order here.

Statement from South Milwaukee/St. Francis Health Officer Jackie Ove

Our efforts to combat COVID-19 are working. We are flattening the curve,  but in Milwaukee County we continue to have a high percentage of positive cases,and more work needs to be done. The worst thing we can do is reopen too quickly and give back our progress, and potentially make a second or third wave even worse than the first. We are not ready to fully reopen in Milwaukee County, or South Milwaukee. That is why we have put in place this short-term local order. 

Statement from South Milwaukee Mayor Erik Brooks

I fully stand behind the South Milwaukee/St. Francis Health Department’s new order. The actions of the Supreme Court — invalidating the order without a stay, basically throwing open the state after almost two months of being “Safer at Home” — are irresponsible and reckless. They will lead to a patchwork approach to health orders across the state, with many communities likely not enacting one at all. 

We were one of a handful of states in the country that was fully open for a time on Wednesday. Health leaders at all levels are nearly unanimous in stating the approach allowed by the court is dangerous and carries a cost of increased illness and death. A day without orders will come, and hopefully someday soon. But we are not there yet. We will reopen, the right way.

Statement from South Milwaukee Police Chief William Jessup

We thank the vast majority of people who voluntarily complied with the state’s “Safer at Home” order. We expect the same level of compliance with the new local health order. We will continue to work in concert with our Health Department to ensure orders are followed. If violations arise, law enforcement will take note and educate and inform those individuals. Enforcement has been and will be a last step.


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34 responses to “South Milwaukee/St. Francis Health Department Issues New Local Health Order Following Supreme Court Ruling

  1. Robert Procter

    It appears you feel you are above our state supreme court by calling their decision “irresponsible & reckless.” And you want to be our “leader” in the state assembly? I think not!

    • debk

      My understanding of the Supreme Court ruling was that Evers and Palm acted illegally in their decision to close Wisconsin down. Now we have our mayor telling us we should not make our own decisions, he and our health director will. Last time I looked up it still was the American flag flying not a communist one. Has the mayor consulted the alderman on this? If they agreed with this we need to rethink electing them as they care not for freedom. Call the alderman and mayor to voice your concerns

      • TT

        REALLY? Think the virus cannot come to you? It only takes 1 person to cause a pandemic, or do you NOT FOLLOW the news?

    • Maryls

      I believe that is called free speech. Or is the Mayor not allowed the same constitutional rights as you?

  2. resident.

    Mayor Brooks thinks Evers and unelected Palm should have unlimited power over everyone’s lives.

  3. SM Guy

    ACHTUNG! Ve expect compliance or zu vill be prosecuted.

    (Maybe our police will take the example of the Racine Sheriff.)

  4. Melanie Poser

    Bunch of malarkey, as usual.

    • Mary O

      Correct! The controlles of the US and PDs were acting as WW2 German enforcers, and never once practiced We The People’s Constitutional Rights and Laws. Its about the power keeping We The People under their strick Rule of Law.

  5. Brian Day

    This is so wrong in every way. Are you trying to bankrupt the small bars that don’t sell food. And since when did we become a Communist state and nation. Mr. Brooks I thought you were better than this. You will not be getting my vote for State Assembly. It sounds to me jike Nazi Germany all over again.

  6. Mr. Wayne Adam

    When will the citizens of South Milwaukee be able to get free testing at a site in our local community for the Coronavirus. They have two sites in Milwaukee that are doing the testing for anyone free. Nobody wants to travel into Milwaukee for a test.

    • Chris T

      If you have no sympoms, why do you need one? Thats the problem. You think 320 million people all need a test today, right now. But if you test neg today, tomorrow it could be positive just as fast. Why do you want to take resources from people who have symptoms, and use them selfishly, who have no signs? Love. If you are under 60, you have virtually no worries you’ll die, unless you have underlying issues. Please look at the overall plan, and not be selfsh. Too – how can you overnight make 320 million tests? So to you, it all can happen once you sprinkle your fairy dust, or are you going to be logical and real?

  7. Mark H

    This is a Scamdemic and not real. Notice their are 5x more deaths with the Common flu? This was a set up and will be shown not real. It was about taking down the US and the President.

  8. Michael

    This is about going back to Constitutional Law, and removing the criminal elite control over the US. So will the SMPD cops start following Constitutional Law, or contine with the Criminal crimes, such as “Show my your Papers” for driving? We are being shown who crooked the law turned its back to We The People and removing our Constitutional Laws we have lost, over the bad who took over our nation.

  9. Class of 78

    when did we have the ability to file lawsuits over getting the flu or cold virus from entering a business. plus, how do you prove I contacted that virus from your location. we have rights and we should be able to “Enter at our own Risk”. this tyranny should not be happening in the USA. I don’t do rock climbing because of the inherent dangers. if I want to enter a business I should be able to decide that. Governments and agencies can issue warnings, but that’s as far as it goes.

    • Chris T

      Thanks for being logical and real. Its all a sham to they throw Trump from office… 450 deaths in all WI, in 3 months, with a population of 5.8 million. Its Real! hahahaha See how you are suppose to believe them, when the flu already killed 5,000+ this season alone… You are not suppose to know truth. Love ya

  10. Jeffery Wenzel

    The mayor is all in on collasping the economy. He has nothing to justify this.

    He is an Evers supporter, the Bill of Rights means nothing.

    There was no rules making hearings.

    Hopefully there are deep pockets to drag the city into court.

    • Chris T

      100% correct. Your SM Mayor is fully corrupt and glad you all are starting to see the criminal inside your very local Gov. Then this desease of criminality jumps to the SMPD, courts, etc… Mayor is clearly a Dem and following their plan. Time for someone to investigate his financial records and get a listing of his communincation so we can find out who is bribing him,

  11. Jeffery Wenzel

    Brooks is willing to use the force of SMPD to mandate compliance.

    Yet the Mayor will be out advancing his own political interest for assembly.

    Meanwhile, taxpayers and property owners will be restricted or prevented from pursuing their own interests.

    Unfortunately it took a crisis to discover we are governed by Marxist.

    Supporting Evers, Brooks, is about destroying the economy, based in politics, and keeping control.

    And the aldermen that have allowed this, probably a neighbor, they are no better then Brooks or Evers.

    You are now all under the administrative state controlled health department, an unelected city employee with unchecked powers.


      But Trump is exposing the criminals like SMPD WHO ARE NOT CONSTITUTIONAL LAW enforcers, but BANK OVERLORDS who are illegally and criminally trying to destroy America!


      SMPD and Criminal Mayors ARE BEING EXPOSED to us ALL! People like this ARE IN FACT, THE ENEMY OF WE THE PEOPLE!!!!!

  12. michael m hughes

    A : This is an “Order”, not a Law ! You can ask us to follow it if we choose, you can’t enforce this legally !
    B : The vast majority of us are grown adults and more than capable of accepting the outcome of our own decisions. It will be a cold day in hell when an elected puke will take my God given rights from me !
    C : People, we need to start organizing and openly protest this !

    • Chris T

      Agree. The masses can infact force your criminal Mayor to follow Constitutional Laws. SMPD will need to pick sides – criminal overlords or Constitution. The SM Mayor has been exposed as a Criminal, and can’t be more clear.

  13. Jon A, Haag

    Dear Mayor Brooks,
    I actually was going to start my response with Comrade or Dictator Brooks, however, not sure that would be appropriate. Since when does a unelected public health official wheel so much power. Why would a decision of this magnitude NOT be brought up to the Common Council prior to releasing such an edict. Isn’t this why we elected them? Here are the facts we have had 67 positive cases of the Wuhan Virus or 0.30% of our population. We have had 7 unfortunate deaths or 0.032% of our population. You have continued shut down our economy over a very small percentage of our citizenry. You have decided to take our Liberties away based on 0.30% infection rate. Not to mention you hid behind an unelected official that hasn’t looked at the math.

    I am 58 years young and have been able to navigate life reasonably well with out much assistance from government. I make decisions for myself and my family based on our needs. I have been able to travel the world surrounded by bacteria and viruses and survived. My point is government didn’t guide my every move, I am able to think things out and then make decisions that will protect me.

    My disappointment in your misguided decision is Immense. You didn’t lead from the front you followed the Milwaukee County political tribe. We The People are capable of decision making. I will say that you have reinforced my continued support for our current State Assembly person.

    Disappointed in South Milwaukee

  14. Coron A.Virus

    Live Free or Die! When businesses die off due to over regulation and rules of government, the next step will be to raise your taxes (yet again) because state and local tax revenues will not be sufficient to cover the ever expanding need of government. I would encourage all people to vote. Power to the people who embrace less government and more freedom to make our own decisions.

  15. Jeff

    Watch out for the impending reassessment on all properties in South Milwaukee. County is already crying that the lockdown will cause a 450 MILLION loss in revenue for them. Throw the city and state in that equation…better stock up on the lube

  16. Jan S

    Cudahy has rescinded the order and is now completely open. Keep killing SM businesses, mayor. You’re one heck of a leader!

    • Tom T

      STAY OUT of my neighborhood, dont want your virus, AND it will come to you, if you follow everyone else. Look at the bars that opened right after the crooked supreme court rescinded. When you get sick DONT cry for help either!

      • Chris T

        Tom T – Brainwashed Democrate hey? We can see it – since you dispise Freedom and anyones Constitutional Rights we have… Follow all orders. Since when is 450 deaths in all WI, in 3 months, from 5.8 million a serious health issue? Guess 5,000 who died in WI alone this season of the flu, what kink of lockdown did we miss? You have the freedom to stay at home and coward, if you choose. But don’t push your brainless stuff on to everyone to live as you think and do.

    • Joker


  17. Resident

    GUYS! The SM Mayor IS CRIMINAL! He does not have YOUR best interest, but HIS Political evil control HE NEEDS TO KEEP YOU UNDER HIS THUMB!

    So ask him to explain, WI has 5.8 million people, but only 450 WI people died. Over 400,000 already passed away with the FLU, but 450?

    Its about this Mayors OATH, to KEEP SM UNDER HIS 1940 WW2 CONTROL OVER HIS AREA!

    Anyone ever notice why SM has ON ITS PAYROLL – your cities own JUDGE, PROCECUTER, AND POLICE you face when you go to court? Talk about a STACKED DECK We The People Can NEVER EVER WIN! Go to the next SM Xmas Party and you’ll see all you face in the SHAM TRAIL! SM and all cities are DEBT COURTS, NOT CONSTITUTIONAL COURTS!

  18. Chad Anderson

    I do not consent. I will not comply. All rights reserved. You have no authority over man. No one gives a crap. The state is open weather you like it or not.

  19. Chad Anderson

    Apparently someone needs legal advice like Kenosha Country has gotten.

    May 14, 2020 News release


    Liane Blanck 262-605-6713

    Kenosha County withdraws local order on Safer-at-Home

    In response to differing and updated legal guidance, Kenosha County is immediately withdrawing its local action that continued the provisions of the state’s Safer-at-Home Order, Health Officer Dr. Jen Freiheit announced tonight.
    This move allows businesses in Kenosha County to reopen without risk of penalty or prosecution, although Freiheit and other local officials strongly urge people to continue observing the public health guidelines outlined in Safer-at-Home.

    Kenosha County and several other localities across the state issued local orders Wednesday night continuing Safer-at-Home until its May 26 sunset, after the Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned the state order late that afternoon.

    Kenosha County Corporation Counsel Joseph Cardamone said guidance received from the
    Wisconsin Counties Association’s legal arm late today suggested that the provision struck down
    by the State Supreme Court also applied to local health officers.

    “The Supreme Court’s order caused a great deal of confusion and uncertainty last night that left us and others across the state struggling to determine how to abide by the ruling while continuing to protect the public’s safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic,” Cardamone said. “Tonight, with varying guidance from the Wisconsin Counties Association and more time to review best practices moving forward, together we’ve determined that we will withdraw our order and instead view Safer-at Home as a series of best practices, rather than requirements.”

    Earlier Thursday, local government and business leaders convened to begin the review of the Kenosha County Kickstart plan — a strategic, phased-in approach to restart the local economy consistent with the gating criteria in the state’s Badger Bounce Back plan. That process will continue, with an eye toward providing businesses and organizations with best practices to allow them to operate in the best interests of public health and safety.

    “Sadly, Kenosha County remains far from being out of the woods with COVID-19,” Freiheit said. “It is our hope in the public health world that our community will continue to take the threat of the virus seriously and take precautions to slow its spread as we enter this next phase of reopening our economy.”

  20. Russ Sobo9lik

    If our state Supreme Court decided that the forced lock down is unconditional, what guidelines does Mayor Brooks use to shut down our city longer. Hey Mayor Brooks, give us all a Christmas present and lock us down to January 01 2012. I wonder where you got this immense power from.

  21. Chris

    SM Mayor is doing all he can for his Democratic Overlords, to keep their nations and cities under criminal control. Trump is now showing who the actual criminals are in your LOcAL Gov, and you see them, like your SM Mayor.

    Your Mayor has no legal authority to locked, and care NOT what the Supereme Court rules upon, which is to open up. See how this and other locked down Mayors are pure criminals controlling your city and police?

    Remember – the CDC experts are NOT part of the US Gov, but a Private Business. So how can a Non Gov business, claim to be Experts, and the Gov follow a business opinion?

    The CDC is a Private Business like China Chef or Taco Bell! Truth! Neither is the Federal Reserve, who is a private bank who ran the US Gov criminally, and not Constitutionally as Freedom we were born to have.

    The blinders have been removed so each city can see their Local Gov criminals, and SM Mayor shows the masses he is criminal. Like walking across the street in Cudahy, who has open bars, to SM, who is locked down, says it all, and who are Constitutional Followers in your city.

    One time decades ago, the US Public us to run criminal politicans out of town on a rail. All

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