Have You Responded to the Census Yet?


Almost there, South Milwaukee! We are at a 70.3% response rate for the #2020Census. Let’s get to 100%! Have you been counted?

To respond now, visit https://my2020census.gov/


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4 responses to “Have You Responded to the Census Yet?

  1. Chris


    See how your honest “Mayor” puts BLUE as thei color of the city?

    Isn’t the Democatic Party BLUE? Just like your Mayor!

    Why Not Red, or Black/White?

    See how this exposes their political backing?

    Notice Dem’s like your SM City Mayor, are taking away your Constitutional Rights? This viris is about harming the “Red” President Trump and Republicans, and keeping it “Blue”?

    See how this game is played, once you learn? If you noticed during the Democratic Primaries, the “Controlles” placed the Flag colors behind those in the questioning. Then when a candidate the Dem’s didn’t want to support, they placed a Red background behind them, so they looked like their enemy. But their favored candiate like Biden, they placed a Blue background so viewers seen their triggered color behind them…. This brainwashing the viewers, without their knowledge, who to support.

    This is how the color game is played…

  2. Bryce Ruddock

    Please spell check virus instead of typing viris. I have had it with the denials about Covid 19 that people are posting on both FB and here. Also I have had it with color coordinated political preferences. If you want to live in a despotic right wing nation then fine. There are quite a few popping up around the planet just don’t drag us down with you. Look I am neither a Democratic party voter nor Republican. They both are not meeting our needs. Should Americans ever get their heads out of their collective posteriors they maybe just maybe can effect meaningful change in their well being. Red, Blue, whatever. Just get over this ridiculous color scheme and start thinking rationally about the species best self interests. Oh by the way I responded to the census when it first came out. Done. Did it and months ago. Also Erik is the closest thing to a moderate politician I have seen in years, meaning that he is willing to work to get things done, not sit his butt on a fence and glare at the opposition as seems to be the norm, normally of late.

  3. Russ Sobolik

    I was wondering how my city is locked down by an unelected official and my elected mayor thinks that is a great idea. No law involved, or no city council to vote on the idea, and against a court ruling. My concern is if our mayor gets elected to represent me in the state legislature, will state laws be followed .

  4. Chris

    Hello. You need to research how “brainwashing” works and the victim like you, can’t comprehend they were manipulated. Why do you think their are TV commercials, on each channel, at the exact same time? What is going on? Brainwashing and you don’t comprehend it, unless you step back and ask why. Research “Travistock” and the brainwashing US Citizens started in the 1930s and continues today. If you drop a frog in boiling hot water, it will jump out, But if you slowly turn up the heat (aka illegal laws), the will will not jump out, but will boil to death. See how the Dem’s slowly removed and changed Constitutional Laws and Rights, to a Criminal nation, as they did. Too fast all will see, but do it slowly, the sleeping sheep will not see it… Its the game, like colors they use. Then why didn’t they use a Blue border and the city bounderies are Red? Then the Red would mean the city is Republican.. See it?

    Blue triggers Dem’s to support them as “heros” and the silent hidden signal which party you support and your area leader, thus, Red ito Dem’s is their enemy. 100% proven fact – if you actually research.

    So will the Mayor actually go around and seek out any illegal alien counted in your city, who was counted, as being a actual voting citizen? Of course not because the more illegals who are counted and vote, benefits the Blue Dem’s, but not actual US Citizens able to have only actual legal representatives counted. This is how the Dem’s muddy the water to keep the unregistered illegals in continued control over the people and counted like actual US citizens. If only actual US legal citizens were counted, it would flip to Red. This is how Dem’s give more Gov representatives to control the US, by counting in each illegal residence.

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