On Commenting, and This Blog

I have made the unfortunate decision to shut down all commenting on South Milwaukee Blog going forward, at least temporarily, maybe for good.

The ugly, personal attacks and baseless allegations have continued — even threats to my family! — and I no longer want to provide a forum for that.

And I don’t have to, according to the city attorney. So I won’t.

To be clear, the blog will continue. I’ll continue share news and information as I always have. But the commenting feature will be turned off starting now.

Comments are no longer adding value to this site and to its 893 subscribers and many other readers.

If you want to spew venom and share hate, please use Facebook. There are plenty of places to do it there, and on countless other websites and other media.

I launched this blog as a service to the community, as a way to share information you likely aren’t getting anywhere else, while also offering an opportunity for me to share my views and provide a forum for people to have an open, honest debate about the issues, and offer feedback and constructive criticism.

And it was mostly like that for more than a decade, for almost 4,500 posts, nearly 1.5 million views, and more than 453,000 visitors.

It has all changed in the last few weeks, and I won’t be a part of it.

There remain plenty of ways to get a hold of me and share you feelings and raise questions.

  • Email me at brooks@smwi.org.
  • Or call me and leave a voicemail at 414-768-8049. I receive an email message with an audio file of all voicemails left on my office line.
  • While I will continue to post on Facebook as a means to share information to a large audience quickly, and will continue to monitor comments, I will likely not engage on any comments that tag me. It’s overwhelming, and Facebook is not the right platform to have reasonable debates on issues, at least not now.
  • I’ll also respond to as many questions via direct Facebook messages that I can.

And please read this blog post again. We have to be better than this.  

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