The SHOP: Help a Local Business Owner Fix His S*%#

Tim Schneider, owner the The SHOP in South Milwaukee, regularly posts to his Facebook page how “s*%# gets fixed” at his vintage motorcycle repair business. Now, he needs the same thing.

Tim was recently diagnosed with cancer, and needs help to fund treatment.

Learn more about his situation in this story. From it …

Schneider was recently diagnosed with a cancer called Multiple Myeloma. Eventually, it will damage his immune system, kidneys, blood and bones. It’s incurable, but treatment can bring the cancer into remission and improve his quality of life.

It’s also extremely expensive to treat, and while the small business owner has health insurance, his out-of-pocket expenses and inability to do the hands-on motorcycle wizardry he’s know for, are only adding to Schneider’s burden.

So, Schneider’s friends, led by Evan Barnes, are stepping up. They’ve created a GoFundMe page, and in just a few days, they have raised almost $35,000 to assist in his out-of-pocket expenses. But they need to raise more.

Tim moved his business to South Milwaukee in 2016, relocating from Bay View and making a major investment to transform a former auto body shop into one of the coolest properties in town. Now let’s invest in him.

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