Steele Solutions Moving HQ To South Milwaukee

More exciting news for the next generation of the former Bucyrus campus …

From the city’s press release:

Steele Solutions, a manufacturer of platform solutions throughout the United States, has moved their corporate headquarters to 1117 Rawson Avenue in South Milwaukee. The company, a several time honoree of Milwaukee Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” award, first opened their South Milwaukee facility in 2021.

Steele Solutions has experienced rapid growth since its start in a small trailer in Waukesha in 1996.

The South Milwaukee headquarters occupy 285,000 square feet at the former Bucyrus campus in the heart of the city’s downtown. The company also has a Milwaukee facility.

“Moving our corporate headquarters and structural fabrication to South Milwaukee and the Rawson campus has helped us increase our ability to automate the manufacturing process and align our entire business with our core values,” stated Steele Solutions CEO Kevin O’Neill. “We are proud to call South Milwaukee home.”

Said South Milwaukee Mayor Jim Shelenske: “Steele Solutions was the first major tenant to lease space at the former Bucyrus campus after Reich Brothers, LLC acquired the property. They were the spark that brought life back to this area of our downtown. Now, over 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space is occupied and we are evaluating a potential residential/commercial project in the former office buildings. We are thrilled to be the home of Steele Solutions’ new headquarters and we look forward to partnering with them further. This is great news for South Milwaukee and further builds on the momentum we are experiencing downtown.”

Steele Solutions is a great addition to South Milwaukee because it’s a growth company serving a long-term growth industry. Remembering a tour I took with the company president a couple years ago, it’s clear that as online retail goes so does Steele Solutions — a maker of mezzanine racking for companies like UPS, FedEx and Amazon. And online retail is obviously booming, with a runway for growth. This analyst agrees.

Also, Steele merged with Tiffin Metal Products in 2022.

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