What Should Be Next For Grobschmidt Pool? Milwaukee County Wants Feedback On Aquatic Facilities

Milwaukee County Supervisor Steven Shea tells me South Milwaukee’s Grobschmidt Pool isn’t reopening this summer, as repairs needed since a 2019 water line break have not been made — and, even if they were to be made, the county’s lifeguard shortage is real.

That is why your viewpoint is so critical, as the county seeks feedback on its aquatic facilities at one of three open houses May 2-4. All open house are 4-7 p.m.

  • May 2: Kosciuszko Community Center
  • May 3: Lincoln Park Blatz Pavilion
  • May 4: Hales Corners

Details on all of the open houses and study here. From the county …

Milwaukee County Parks is pleased to be kicking off an a systemwide Aquatics Study and wants to hear user opinions about existing facilities, as well as what the community would like to see into the future.


Milwaukee County Parks currently owns and operates two (2) indoor deep-well pools, three (3) outdoor aquatic parks, eight (8) outdoor pools, one (1) privately operated outdoor pool, seven (7) splashpads, twenty-five (25) wading pools, and several beaches that have been historically used for swimming.

The last Aquatic Facilities Study was adopted in 2002 and was intended to be a guide for Park’s aquatics facilities to become operationally self-sustaining, and to progressively reduce the reliance on the tax levy by containing costs and increasing usage. Twenty years have passed since the last in-depth study and Parks have experienced a steady decline in funding and staffing, and an updated inventory and study are necessary for the department to plan for aquatic investments in the future.

There have been advancements in recreational trends that need to be examined, and the County’s continually reduced financial capacity, poses hard choices for Parks to consider. As part of the Analysis phase, this public outreach component will evaluate community opinion on aquatic facilities and services as well as necessary tax levy support.

The county is also doing an online survey on the topic. Take it here.


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2 responses to “What Should Be Next For Grobschmidt Pool? Milwaukee County Wants Feedback On Aquatic Facilities

  1. RocketMom

    Splash pad, please. The pool will continue to be a maintenance nightmare and SM has more younger families moving in who need options for toddlers. Thanks.

  2. Ilir Aliji

    Grobschmidt pool in South Milwaukee needs to re open. The repairs can be done with fundraising. This is an amazing addition to the community and Lifeguards are available. There is not a shortage. Kids in the area will benefit greatly as Will adults in our community.

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