For A Smoother Parkway

Oak Creek Parkway road

Milwaukee County is proposing to spend close to $1 million to rebuild Oak Creek Parkway from the railroad trestle near South Milwaukee High School, east to Chicago Avenue.

The project, contained in the county’s recently released capital budget proposal and pushed by Milwaukee County Supervisor Pat Jursik and County Executive Chris Abele, would begin in 2016 with planning and design, with the construction work being done in 2017. From the capital budget plan …

The project scope for 2017 work is anticipated to include reconstruction of the storm sewer and pavement systems. Storm water best management practices and green infrastructure is included. Replacement of municipal utilities such as sanitary sewers, water mains, and storm sewers are being coordinated with this project.

I ask that the full county board approve this plan. If you’ve driven this stretch lately, you know it’s necessary work — or, as the budget plan puts it, a “highest priority” project for a road in need of “immediate renovation.”


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4 responses to “For A Smoother Parkway

  1. Joe Popp

    About time That stretch of road is one of the worst In south Milwaukee Drive the kids to the high school every day threw there Joe

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  2. Janet Cook

    Great! That section really needs it badly. I feel like I am riding in a stagecoach when traveling that roadway. Thanks Milwaukee County.

  3. Pat DerHovsepian

    Hurray! We bike this section of the Oak Creek Parkway very often and it is terrible! We were biking there and dodging potholes about an hour ago and exclaiming that it should be dealt with ASAP.

    Pat DerHovsepian

  4. RocketMom

    I always felt the washboard road experience was in there to discourage drag racing. Maybe we can get the bicycle races back to town? The Cyclists LOVED our parkway.

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