Leaf Collection Update

From the South Milwaukee Street Department …

The final leaf collection pass is underway. We have started on the north side of town and are working south. This process should take 7 to 10 working days. Please do not add any leaf piles to the gutter, as they may not be picked up. Leaves may also be taken to the Self Deposit Station (SDS), 1106 Blake Avenue (see hours below). The $2.00 user fee will be waived if you are only disposing of leaves. Should a winter storm arrive before our final pass concludes, the leaf collection equipment will be removed from the vehicles to install snow plows and leaf collection will end. Remaining leaves may be taken to the SDS and the $2.00 user fee waived if you are only disposing of leaves. Your patience is much appreciated.


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5 responses to “Leaf Collection Update

  1. Rick

    The northwest corner of SM has leaf piles in the streets yet, even in front of one of the Alderpersons house. Leaves just finally fell from trees this weekend.

  2. Mark Zalewski

    Can I add to a pile on 15th and Marquette this weekend? My neighbors piled them up a few days ago and the wind blew quite a few into my yard before you had a chance to clear them.

  3. Frank Millpond Gratke

    One of nice things you have done is free leaf drop off at the self deposit station. Placing the leaves in a 30 gallon garbage cans and taking them to the dump make for happier neighbor relations. Would you belief you can transport 5, 30 gallon garbage cans in a Chevy Cruise.. .

  4. Peggy

    Also, please do not dump plastic bags of leaves in the Parkway east of 15th Avenue by the baseball diamond!! If you have taken the effort to bag your leaves and drive to the baseball field, you have the energy to drop at the SDS free of charge!!

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