Celebrating Da Crusher


You may have heard — it’s gone viral in the last 24 hours — there is an effort underway to build a statue of Reggie Lisowski (aka “Da Crusher “) in South Milwaukee. Please consider supporting this project and honoring perhaps our most famous native son. As I told a reporter this week …

I love the idea of honoring Da Crusher. Reggie Lisowski is an iconic figure in this city, inside and outside the ring, and we’re proud he was a lifelong resident of South Milwaukee. I’m excited to see this effort gain momentum, but it’s early. We’ll work on details with the organizers later, maybe over a beer.

Here is the Go Fund Me site.

More details on this website (DaCrusher.org) and this Facebook page. NOW had a story yesterday, and TMJ4 did a piece interviewing the Lisowski family last night. Organizer Chris Smith was also on WTMJ (interview starts at the 12:15 mark on today’s online rebroadcast here) and WKLH radio this morning.

And mark your calendars for two local fundraising events ….

  • Thursday, Feb. 22: Crusher Night at The Vanguard, 2659 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., starting at 4 p.m. Look for a special Crusher sausage! Details here.
  • Thursday, March 15: Look for more details soon on an event at The Tap Room, 1301 Milwaukee Ave. in South Milwaukee. Proceeds from sales that day — the first day of the round of 64 in the NCAA Tournament — will go toward the statue.

Much more to come on this. I have a feeling this effort will really take off.

Don’t remember Da Crusher? Here is a good story on his life and legacy … and just Google his name and you’ll see some great videos from his wrestling days. 


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9 responses to “Celebrating Da Crusher

  1. Frank Millpond Gratke

    What would be fun if we could get a copy of the original movie the “wrestling” which feature da Crusher. Then have it played at a public nigh out. All proceeds to the statue.

  2. Melanie

    Love da crusher, totally off subject, why is there a 25.92 fee on my water bill for fire protection after the referendum. Heck’s going on in this tax and spend city.

  3. Melanie

    And what is the “c” for 19.00.

  4. Harrison B. Harding

    People under 40 never even heard of The Crusher.

  5. Jan Schoenung



  6. Frank Millpond Gratke

    The 1974 movie the wrestler featured Ed Asner. Ed was playing the promoter who was being threating by a gangster played by the wrestler the Big K. The Big K had a bad part to play in the movie. The gangster tried to threaten the promoter in the locker room. He did not see the Da Crusher and his wrestling cousin Dick the Bruiser also in the locker room. The lockers and the gangster ended up in a pile, curtsy of Crush and his cousin. Verne Gange walk in and the promoter ask him where he was. He just smiled.

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