Police: 9mm Bullet Found On Floor Of Sixth-Grade Classroom At South Milwaukee Middle School

From the South Milwaukee Police Department, by way of the school district …

This afternoon, a 9mm bullet was found on the floor of a sixth-grade classroom. A firearm was not found. Immediately after the bullet was discovered, the middle school administration and the South Milwaukee Police Department resource officers set in action a plan to ensure the safety of the student body.

It was determined that a thorough search of the belongings and persons of the students who had access to that area during the time prior to the bullet’s discovery was necessary. At all times, an officer and a staff member were present during the searches. Approximately 40 students were searched.

Student and staff safety is our primary concern. The presence of a live round is alarming and dangerous. Given the presence of the bullet, it’s the responsibility of the District to ensure no firearms were brought to school.

We will update you at the end of the students’ day as to the results of the search. We also take this time to ask that families talk with their children about not bringing unsafe items to school.

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